Editor Bob’s Friend: Rick

Editor Bob's friend, Rick.

This motorhead-grease monkey, Rick, customizes and repairs cars for a living. He can fix just about any car problem there is! He’s our very own McGyver, and he’s always tinkering with something or the other. If he’s not busy repairing or customizing cars, he’s busy chasing girls or watching the game with us. He has the best place to watch any game, for all seasons!

Rick is a dude who always manages to get into trouble, but sometimes he’s there to rescue me, too. He grew up on a ranch in the Lone Star State and refuses to eat anything other than steak and potatoes, or burgers and fries.

Rick doesn’t like vegetables and doesn’t really eat anything without ketchup. He’s into football, wrestling, and blonde girls who look like cheerleaders. Rick lives in New Jersey, where he can putter around his garage fixing up cars.

How I Met Rick

The first time I met Rick, I was pulling him out of a bar fight. I think he had just moved and was settling down in New Jersey and came to this side of the Hudson on an exploratory mission. Ya, to explore girls! Apparently, the girl he was hitting on, already had an admirer twice as big as he was. So when things got a bit hairy, I jumped in. I figured he was a simple country boy who didn’t know what he was getting into. Boy was I wrong! Rick doesn’t have to look for trouble, it always comes to him. We went to a different bar that night and became friends. We managed not to get into any other bar fights after that… well, so far.


  • Favorite Accessory: Car keys.
  • Favorite Drink: Beer.
  • Life Ambition: Host his own auto show.
  • Favorite Quote: “Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.” Jack Nicholson