Editor Bob’s Friend: Kate

Editor Bob's friend, Kate

The dramatic Kate can cry at the drop of any hat–-proverbial or otherwise. She can start crying looking at two people holding hands in the park! Kate does some TV commercials, trade show presentations, and was proud to be the local weather girl at the TV station back home in Iowa. Kate is also ultra romantic and a natural blonde.

I usually call up Kate for her advice on romantic dinners or getaways. She has so many great ideas that she could be the Martha Stewart for romantics. She’ll give you advice on how to go beyond the ‘chocolates and roses’ romance.

Of course she’s also madly in love with whomever she happens to be dating when you meet her. Sometimes, we have to get her to fit us into her busy romantic schedule.

How I Met Kate

I met Kate at a casting call back when I still thought I’d be an actor. She asked me to help her practice her lines. We had coffee and hung out… she’s one of the first people I met when I first moved to New York. We’ve been hanging out ever since, and our circle of friends continues to grow.


  • Favorite Accessory: Mirrors.
  • Favorite Drink: Margarita.
  • Life Ambition: Find her own Prince Charming.
  • Favorite Quote: “Who so loves, believes the impossible.” Elizabeth Barrett Browning