Day 3: Prioritizing Relationships.

Day 3 of 21 days to a simpler living, calls for prioritizing relationships, virtual and real. On Day 1 we focussed on decluttering the physical surroundings and on Day 2 we emphasized on detoxifying our body. Besides the physiological vacuuming, it is important to harmonize the emotional and mental aspects of life. The next step in simplifying life this September is to take stock of your relationships and how each one is impacting your life. Are they uplifting you or dragging you down?

I do a random visualizing and love the boat and storm analogy, imagine there was a hurricane in your part of the town and you have one boat in which you can load ten people from your vast group of friends and folks who would they be? And as you move further you have to let five more go on another life-boat, who will you keep and whom would you let go? This is an important exercise because it helps me focus on people and let me know my priorities. It is the biggest regret a person can live with if he spends his time on things and people less important at the cost of those who mean the world to him.

I start my day on a positive note. Instead of looking at my phone screen first thing in the morning, I sit on the porch with a brewed cup of coffee watching the world. It is a healthy change. After a little while, I take out an hour from my daily routine to clear out a thousand notifications on my email and social networks. My aim is to clear out things that are occupying unnecessary space in my virtual world as well. This would enable me to focus on things that truly pique my interest. My phone, somehow, felt lighter.

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It is vital to move out of the digital bubble that seems to have engulfed us all. Instead of being immersed in our phones at all times, let’s look up and observe the beauty of the world and breathe in the fresh air. The thumbs up on Facebook matters but it cannot be compared to the rush of endorphin when a friend pats you on your back or when your mom strokes you lovingly. So finding time for them is important and is only possible when you have a log of the temporary relationships that drain your time and energy.

In the Big Apple amongst the many fake smiles and pseudo friendships, I have managed to form a close knit group of friends. Fred, Megan, Kate, Steve, Irina, Donna, and Aaliyah are like family to me. They have my back and are a strong support system. I could not have been luckier. I sent them each a personalized online greeting card expressing my unconditional love and thanks for all that they have done for me over the years.

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The most important relationship for me is the one I share with Aaliyah. Due to a preoccupied mind, I haven’t been able to give her the attention she looks for. With an intent to change that, I planned a dinner date for her when she got home. I welcomed her with the sweet aroma of delicious food cooked by me and a bouquet of her favorite red roses. Sitting her down beside me and sliding my hands in hers I expressed that she was a priority in my life, surprisingly a tear escaped from the pool of her eyes and we hugged. She wanted to say something but she only managed to say that she missed me.

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Prioritising can be a taxing task. This isn’t something that can be achieved in a day, but it is important to begin the process. When we simplify our emotional bindings and reduce the level of expectations by way of prioritising we can discover our passions and live a more healthy and happy life.

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