A Surprise Visit, Flowers And A Lot Of Love!

A couple of months ago, I was fortunate to meet Evan at my brother’s graduation. The instant attraction quickly developed into a loving relationship with the help of the internet. After hours of getting to know each other and an online birthday celebration, I realized that within a short span of time, we had grown closer and created memories, even though we weren’t together physically.

It was a regular Monday morning and I was busy working at my desk. The immense work pile last week hadn’t given me a chance to do much else, least of all have a proper chat with Evan and I missed him. Sipping my morning doze of caffeine, I was startled by the ringing of my office line. I had a parcel at the reception.

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Needing to finish a piece of work as soon as possible, I ignored the phone call and continued with the task at hand, thinking that the receptionist may have got the person wrong.

After an hour or two, I sprang up to check on the parcel and its rightful owner. I walked over, head bent over my phone, smiling while typing a text to Evan. I looked up when I reached the reception, asking for the parcel. The receptionist, in turn, pointed her finger to something behind me. Puzzled, I turned around, immediately jumping back in surprise. There, standing just a few feet from me, was Evan with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. Once the initial surprise had settled, I delightfully ran and gave him a long, tight hug.

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I felt so foolish to have made him wait for so long, but he didn’t seem to mind. He kissed me on the cheek, handed over the flowers and said he would pick me up after work for a romantic night. A stroll hand in hand, followed by dinner and drinks. I was delighted to have seen him after so long and couldn’t wait for the evening!

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Long distance relationships can be hard but as the saying goes ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ If two people are equally committed to a relationship and are ready to do anything to bring a smile on the other’s face, it is worth it. The joy of seeing a loved one after a while cannot be replaced. Cherish the time spent with that special someone if you don’t get to see them often and let those memories guide your through the distance.


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