Celebrate National Cat Day, Chocolate Day And Halloween!

There is something to be said for how much we love cats. Not only do we love our cats; we love chocolate and of course we love Halloween. All of these fantastic events occur this week, so let’s find a great way to celebrate the days!

To start this delicious week off we have Chocolate Day on October 28, perfect timing for Halloween. Pick up your favorite bag of Halloween candy before they leave the shelves, and share it with your friends. All your favorite candy is offered in bite size selections, perfect to last long after Halloween has past.

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Cats and chocolate don’t necessarily go hand in hand, unless your cats name is Coco. So although these holidays are close together, we will be celebrating them separately. But man, do we really do love those furry little balls of fluff. Cats, I mean. We love our furry cats. If we have cats of our own, we spend our days taking videos and pictures of our cats. If we don’t have cats, we spend our days watching cat videos on the Internet. National Cat Day on October 29 gives you all the reason in the world to lose yourself in those addicting cat videos. While you’re at it, send all your friends a furry cat card to commemorate your love for your feline friends!

Probably the most popular costume in Halloween history is a black cat. I have lost count on the number of cats I see at every costume party I attend. Though most of the world believes black cats bring good luck, European and North American countries believe in the opposite that black cats bring evil and are associated with witchcraft. Halloween comes but once a year and so do all the seasonal attractions that come along with it. This is the season for candy apples, roasted pumpkin seeds and sweet corn, so celebrate until you’re satisfied.

Indulge in some dark chocolate or make a funny cat video, but either way make sure you have a Happy Halloween!


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