Who Needs Love?

Send Inspirational Greetings!People who don’t ask for it. They are the ones who need love. Remember, there is a silent catastrophe that happens in front of our eyes and we are oblivious to that. I am talking about suicide. It is one problem that has not been truly addressed to its deserved potential.

Individuals who are successful in life financially commit suicide. Others who are in poverty commit suicide. You never know what hit them, when that brain wave happened and where was everyone at that last moment of madness?

Well, you cannot be always there when they are about to do the act, but if you look close and really pay attention, the symptoms could be seen days or months before.

They are normal people who crave for love and understanding. When they have lost all hope in the world they turn to alcohol, drugs or friends. And sadly, mostly the alcohol and drugs are always there for them. Friends mostly ain’t.

That’s the problem.

Either by ignorance of the problem or jus’ a ‘don’t care’ attitude, we let our own people down. That is unpardonable.

We close our doors to them emotionally sometimes that they don’t even count us as a 2 a.m. friend to whom he or she can share their innermost secrets.

We are too professional and too polite to be heart-to-heart chatter friends anymore.

Decency and upwardly mobile status doesn’t come to one by being aloof.

If that is the rule, let’s not go for it. In a world of fake pleasantries and identity-less attire, let’s at least keep the heart pure and original.

Let family be what it was meant for – a support system.

May friendship be what it was meant for – family in absence of family.

And may colleagues be what they were meant for – empathy and understanding.

World will be a beautiful place and no one will die plunging to death or overdosing.


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