Innocent smile is where God is.

Send Cute Greetings!I always wondered about what brings a smile on an individual’s face. Have you ever thought about that?

I always ended up thinking personal things and great personal achievements, but those were ecstatic joy and purely selfish. Nothing that stood out was an innocent smile. Well, trust Bob to think hard when he couldn’t get things sorted out in his little bird brain. So, the process began and I have narrowed five different things that bring a smile in an individual’s face. Take a look, you may even identify with most of them or all of them.

1. A kid climbed atop on his mother’s shoulder looking at you and grinning. Now, you don’t have a choice but to smile.

2. Your partner waking up next to you in the morning and looking at you wide eyed with love. You can’t help but smile.

3. Your grandparent walking up to you, giving you a backslap and smiling a toothless smile. You don’t have a reason to not smile back.

4. When your pet dog tries to walk backwards to amuse you, hits the wall and takes a fall… You can’t stop smiling there, can you?

5. When you watch a friend of yours in love and waiting earnestly next to his mobile phone. Now, that should bring a smile.

There could be more and I am sure there are more, but why should I list all of them out?

You can pitch in now, can’t you?

Write down all those things that make you smile. Let’s compare notes with others who post in the comments too.

That will give us a general idea of things that usually make people smile. Once we have figured that out then we can start looking for that gesture and practice the gesture ourselves to make others smile!


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