How to Ask your Girlfriend to Move In

Send Love EcardsRemember Rick who was having a tough time with his girlfriend Kaitlin? Well he made peace and things are more than back to normal. Kaitlin was really impressed by what he had done — after all he’s been taking lessons from the romantic maestro, Jeffrey himself. He took Kaitlin’s good mood as a good sign and took her out to a fancy restaurant. Kaitlin, of course, wondered what happened to the Long Horn loving, beer drinking, NASCAR obsessed cowboy. At dinner (and he didn’t order steak!) he asked Kaitlin whether she’d like to move in with him. Kaitlin was thrilled but she told him that she needed more time. Now, if you knew the old Rick he would’ve walked out, huffed and puffed and complained about Kaitlin to me. But he didn’t. While Kaitlin was holding her breath for maximum impact Rick said, “Okay, I understand, take whatever time you need.” Then he added, “I love you either way.” Kaitlin couldn’t believe her ears. Now I’m thinking maybe I should start taking lessons from Rick or Jeffrey for that matter.


8 thoughts on “How to Ask your Girlfriend to Move In

  1. Not a secret that good dinner can solve any problems if you both like restaurant and order your favorite food.
    you can even split it depending on your wish.
    But sometimes

  2. A frank and sincere talk is always the best for a couple. Things will just click in naturally. That is a good move from Rick. Girls always say they need a little more time. If the girl does not object immediately, the guy could consider himself successful.

  3. Rick did very well by not putting pressure on Kaitlin. Sometimes that is even more effective and it is so hard to resist.

  4. If I were Kaitlin, it would be a definite yes with no hesitation. Nothing can compares with the time with one’s man

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