Bob’s Christmas Party

Send Christmas EcardsHope all of you had a great Christmas? I had a blast. Rick planned for some great food and drinks. The bonfire that he prepared was great too. We sat in a circle around it, and sang some old Christmas songs. Rick was in a great mood and after a couple of songs, he was up on his feet! We cheered him on and soon all of us were dancing.

However, there was something that was keeping Megan preoccupied. She kept looking around and was restless through the evening. I don’t think the others noted this, but I could sense that tension in her, having known her for a long time now. She didn’t join us while we danced but kept looking over her shoulder. And then she fixed her gaze and slowly stood up. I followed her eyes: holding a brown bag with both hands was Kate!

I froze in shock. When the others saw me stop dancing with my hands in mid-air, they followed my gaze too. And then there was a deathly silence, followed by a deafening roar! Kate was back. Her face was a rainbow of emotions. She smiled but tears were rolling down her cheeks while we hugged her. It was the most memorable moment this Christmas and probably this year, for all of us. Later we came to know that Megan convinced her to come to the party and she planned this whole surprise for us. More power to you Megan! And also looking forward to having Kate around in the New Year.

How was your Christmas? I’d like to know.


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