Welcome to Editor Bob’s Blog!


Welcome to my blog. I always wanted to launch a blog, but I never found the time. I finally managed to make it happen! Thanks for all your support and suggestions. For those of you new to 123Greetings, this is a companion blog to the weekly 123Greetings Newsletter. You’re going to be getting a detailed dose of my misadventures here. What’s more, you’ll get a regular update on events that are coming up. I’m planning to showcase a lot of the new ecards coming straight from our production team. Be a part of our production process and help me review the ecards through your comments!

Who’s Editor Bob?

I’m the editor of the free weekly 123Greetings Newsletter. I write about my misadventures with friends and colleagues, focusing on human relationships and emotions. You’ll be getting a little slice of life from New York City. I share my life, loves, wax philosophically, and I hope to inspire you to view your life in a more positive light. Click Here to sign up for my weekly newsletter.


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