Fun Is Just Your Mindset- Reflections On St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patty’s Day is all about having fun. Each year I gulp down excessive green beer while enjoying the Irish songs and doing the Irish jigs with my buddies draped in the shamrock-green attire and tall leprechaun hat.

Everything is the same this year, I am so looking forward to the fun on Saturday, March 17th. The only difference is that Aaliyah has replaced the green beer with her  special variety of green smoothies.

“We believe in indulgences, you cannot spoil all the fun in the name of health.” I argued. She looked at me and stated calmly. “Bob, don’t be a hypocrite, you said the other day that fun is just about your mindset. Currently your health is what I am concerned about so you have no options.”

I knew she was right. I was having a lot of bloating and acidity lately which caused me many sleepless nights. I reflected on the statement, fun is just in our mind. It is  independent of what we are consuming or who we are with. So let’s experiment with the truth.

I challenged my friends and they were all game for it.

The chalkboard on the dining table read the drinks menu which Aaliyah and Megan had prepared.

  • Mojito Smoothie without sugar and alcohol.
  • Vanilla Lime Green Smoothie- sweetness of vanilla mixed with the tangy citrus fruits flavor.
  • Rich Spinach Smoothie- packed full of nutritious spinach but tastes like candy.
  • Avocado Green Smoothie- creamy and rich in taste and great for your stomach.
  • Green Apple and Cucumber smoothie – delicious richness of apples and freshness of cucumbers blended together.
  • Healthy Shamrock Shake- Blend of the most amazing herbs and leaves to enjoy the Irish Jig and music.

I was super excited and wanted to try them all. Aaliyah had special trial trays with shot glasses filled with each of them.

We tried and picked the one of our choice and the whole evening was full of laughter, amazingly healthy food options, Irish music, jigs and jokes.

It was indeed one of the best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations we had and I realized that indeed pain and joy is only our mindset and we have options all the time.

Stay Healthy and Have Fun!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Send love and luck to all your loved ones.


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