Day 16: Breathe And Let Go!

Day 16: Are you obsessing over something? You want it really bad. You do everything in your capacity to get it. Guess what? You are entering the red zone of stress and anxiety. A doctor friend of mine once told me, “Whenever you feel the symptoms of stress like constant headaches, a dip in energy coupled by nausea, tense muscles, insomnia and so on, leave everything aside and take deep breathes in. Unchecked stress can lead to unwanted ailments.” I wondered what’s breath got to do with my worries? Is it easy to simply breathe and let go of things that put the impending pressure on us.

One such day came in my life, when I was overwhelmed with work, love, relationships, health issues and was buckled up under pressure and felt scattered and lost. I thought let’s give this entire gimmick a genuine try.

I was floating in a calmness I never knew existed. After just 10 minutes of focused deep breathing I felt calm and relaxed. I could think with clarity and reflect upon the zillion things waiting for my attention, I could prioritize, delegate, eliminate and say no where I can and move on.

Try it next time when you feel weighed down and stressed. Breathe and let go!

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