The Circle Of Motherhood!

On a beautiful spring morning in New York City, I sat by the window inhaling the precious sun and sipping hot tea. Just then the phone rang. It was Donna asking if I would like to grab a quick lunch. It seemed like a perfect outing for the day.

It’s always a pleasure meeting up with Donna. The conversation is easy going, a blend of intellectual and light-hearted chit chat. A thought that remained with me for a long time after was her take on motherhood and the holiday of Mother’s Day. I’d like to share what Donna told me.

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Because You Are So Wonderful!

A ‘maternal instinct’ is the tendency among women and humans alike, to care for and love their offspring. There are a hundred emotions running through her mind as she looks down on the baby in her arms, while holding him/ her for the first time. The need to protect the child from the evils of the world. The want to give all the happiness. A deep sense of pure love for this child.

A mother is a best friend, secret keeper, stern parent, all combined in one, helping in the all-round development of her child. For a mother, every moment spent with her child is cherished. From taking his first steps to speaking her first words, from riding a cycle for the first time to driving, each and every memory will remain afresh in her mind. She is in the front row, applauding the loudest for every small achievement of her child.

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Love And Thanks On Mother’s Day!

Through the ‘rebellious teen phase’ a mother experiences episodes of anger and frustration that she takes in her stride, overcoming it with silence. Her fright never showing on her face as she waits for her children to return from parties late at night. With mixed emotions of joy and anxiety, she drops her child off at college, the next stage of life. From then on, she hopes for time to stop in the few months she gets to see them.

From an overly dependent child to an independent adult, a mother experiences every emotion. She needs to keep up as her children grow and let go when the time comes and as the years pass, her children undergo the same sacrifices, pains, joys and love of motherhood. It is the circle of life.

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Sending Lovely Flowers!

Even though a mother’s love should be celebrated every day, Mother’s Day is a great way to make her feel extra special and loved. Besides, who doesn’t love being pampered with cards, gifts and great food?

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