Just Some April Fools’ Day Fun!

Can you imagine it’s the 1st of April already? We are 4 months into the year! Time flies quickly. Aaliyah and I have been together for over 2 years now! I can’t believe it. I fall in love with her more, every day. Her spontaneity, her need for adventure and fun, keeps me on my feet 24/7. You know, how you find that one great love in a lifetime, that’s her for me!

Aaliyah has left to visit her parents in California for the weekend. Lucky her, cause it probably feels like Spring there. It is so quiet in the house without her. There is always such hubbub when she is around, constantly up to one project or another.

I poured myself a glass of wine, sat on the couch with my pen and notebook, with Kong lazing on my legs. Just then I was struck with the most brilliant idea (or so I think).

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Funky Fooling Monkey!

I call up Aaliyah. No answer. I call her two more times. No answer. That was disappointing, I think. 15 minutes later, the phone rings. I prepared myself to pull off a great April Fools’ prank. Once I pick up, I sound hysterical.

Me (screaming repeatedly): “Where have you been? I have been calling you! There has been a major incident!”
Aaliyah (sounding worried): “What’s happened? Is everything okay?”
Me: “You should be sitting while you hear this.”
Aaliyah: “Just tell me what happened!!”
Me: “The door to your photo studio was opened a nudge. I hadn’t really paid attention. Next thing I know is Kong has disappeared into your den and created a mess. He destroyed a few of your lenses, camera, tripod, photos hanging and I’m very sorry.”

What Is Your Super Power?

Happy Spring Thoughts And Hours!

Aaliyah was furious. She wasn’t able to speak as tears dripped down her face. She was confused and sad at the same time. It was her space in the house, something she had put in so much time, effort and passion to create. She threatened to catch a flight back home immediately.

By this time, I was rolling on the floor laughing. Kong had no idea what was going on. Finally, I shouted Happy April Fools’ Day!

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A Good Laugh On Laugh Week!

I sure did celebrate April Fools’ Day and Laugh week in one go, but turns out Aaliyah wasn’t amused. I have two days before she gets back home. She is extremely angry. Any suggestions on how to make it up to her?


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