The Story Of Our Life!

The white screen of my laptop is glaring in my eye, it can sense the responsibility I’ve assumed, which is to bring out the goodness in every moment and paint them in happy hues. I am perched on an empty bench in my backyard surrounded by pink Hyacinthus, colorful Gerberas, purple Freesias and scarlet roses, the scent of the blooming September Flowers blanketing me in its serenity.

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It is a cool and windy evening with Autumn knocking at the door as nature bids a warm and teary adieu to Summer. I am thinking about the experiences I’ve had in the last few days, trying to squeeze out the learnings and joys out of them.

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My thoughts went out to a family I recently visited. Like many American families, it also had a repaired breakdown. My friend with her twin daughters had got married recently to a divorced and childless man who welcomed the girls as his own and loved them dearly. It is so amazing to see how stepfamilies have grown together and coexisted harmoniously in America, children grow up to be stronger and braver. The love shared in the families has more acceptance, understanding, and kindness which makes it special.

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I met Fred and his sons this morning over a game of baseball, we had a lot of fun. His younger one is an ace player and I saved myself from being run down twice and managed to stay in the game for long. Fred and his adopted children are a perfect family, the trio is filled with enthusiasm and I was soaked in the flow of love and glee when I met them. My heart wells up with gratefulness when I witness how humans are capable of unconditional love only if they wipe out the sense of fear and doubt which limits them in many ways. The more thankful you are the more opportunities of happiness present themselves to you. It is a simple law of resonance, isn’t it?

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Life is about how many moments we turn into memories and that’s exactly the story of our lives. It can be measured in the moments. See you in the comments.

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