4 Best Ways To Find If Your Love Is True!

True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.— Erich Segal

How I prayed to get a sign from the universe when I was proposing to her? “Is she the one or should I wait? Maybe I am rushing in, I could consult Fred once.” The internal mind-chatter drove me crazy. I was a man who loved his freedom but I also wanted to be with her forever.

I was sitting on a bench in the park near my house, It was a Sunday afternoon and the park was teeming with many people but my eyes only noticed couples walking together but aloof, playing with their children, arguing in one corner, kissing on the other. What makes them decide this is the person they want to wake up with all their life? Life is a long journey and no decision stands against the rough storm of changing times. So how do I know if this will?

An old couple sat across on a bench under the tree, one of them was reading a book and the other one had a headphone on and was laughing every now and then while staring at the screen of his phone. I noticed at the way they were comfortable with each other, spending their time together and yet doing what they love to do. A freedom and a binding of trust weaved together into a beautiful relationship.

The 4 reasons why I believe I have found the T.R.U.E love of my life…


We share a relation of complete trust. We never had to inform the other about what we do in the rest of our time or whom we meet unless we want to. We trust we will be there in sickness and health. We don’t have to prove or approve of anything. I never feel tied down with her and my effort is to give her the same space. T also stands for being thankful to the other for making life so meaningful.


We regard each other as significant part of our lives. We don’t belittle each other and stand for the other in front of people. We do not engage in a verbal swordplay because we know that words have a life of their own and even when the emotional charge has passed the words live on between the couple. So why not reframe the negative words into positive ones, why not start the conversation with, “I feel,” rather than, “you always,” taking away the sting of blame from it. R also stands for romance which is the soul of this special relationship. Keep this friendship a little extra special. Be romantic to a tee. Pass on those naughty messages and flirt with each other as much as possible.


We understand each other’s perspective and even if they are different we never feel the need to impress opinions upon each other. We have a loving and interesting way of coming to conclusions and end our little tiffs with a kiss and a resolve. We remind each other that the issue is not as important as our relationship. We make a joke and laugh at our differences with each other and never on each other.


We inspire each other to chase those dreams and overcome the setbacks. It is important to not judge. Encourage the other when they get stuck and give in to the weakness. Stand by each other through success and failure.

And above all be with each other out of love and not out of fear. Without love it’s not worth it…

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August 11, 2016
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August 12, 2016
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August 16, 2016
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