May Celebrations!

When you reach the end of your rope. Tie a knot and hang on” – Anonymous

I agree with the quote and totally believe in making life joyous adventure rather than a sad story. You might ask, how is it possible with so many desires circling around us waiting to devour us and with so much dynamism that often takes us by the storm. Life could either be a chase for the transient or an adventure trip where we enjoy and feel and indulge but never get attached.

The temperatures in New York rise as the spring is gradually giving in to the summer. We are having bright and sunny mornings and it is perfect for my walks. Spring and Summer times are the best to connect with nature. It is the best time to absorb the polychromatic hues of the May flowers and stop to smell the roses, tulips and poppies.

May is the time to celebrate an important milestone of Graduation along with the other special days. In the first two weeks we were busy honoring the spirit of Motherhood and now, we are looking forward to the upcoming events which are reasons to scatter joy sprinkles and send smiles to our loved ones.

We are celebrating the Pizza Party Day on 20th of May with friends enjoying the special weekend offer given by our favorite pizza place followed by Armed Forces Day on the 21st of May with Fred, a war veteran. For the animal lovers, it is the World Turtle Day® coming up on the 23rd of May celebrating the unique existence of this animal who reminds us that we can win any race in life by remaining steady and focused. It is also the time to celebrate the birthday of glorious queen Victoria. We are celebrating the spirit of brotherhood on the Brother’s Day and that’s a good reason to meet or at the least give a call to our siblings and have that childhood tête-à-tête. On Hamburger’s Day, 28th of May, enjoy the classic sandwich with friends and family and hide some little surprises for the dear ones.

Finally, It is time to celebrate the day of reflection and somberness, Memorial Day which also marks the start of Summer and children are excited to go on a summer vacation and many people plan to visit lakes and beaches basking in the sun. Besides, the retailers busy themselves in the holiday sales hike.

I always have a rendezvous with Fred and his other veteran friends in my backyard with chilled beer and loads of stories pouring from their war memories further reinforcing the belief that I carry very strongly with me all the time which is to never take life too seriously, enjoy these little islands of celebrations and have fun before moving on.

So, what are you doing to celebrate in the rest of the month? See you in the comments.



May Flowers,
May, 2016
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Brother’s Day,
May 24, 2016
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Memorial Day,
May 30, 2016
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