Raise A Toast And Welcome 2016!


Wondering what you guys are up to on this New Year! We’re having folks over and are looking forward to the confetti, toasting, champagne, feasting, noise makers, resolutions and cheer with friends and family.

Adrian and May are swinging by, and Megan is coming in with her two daughters and husband, and if Fred gets over his Veteran’s party before then he would join us. Emily and Ethan and their Mom, Donna, will be here, and maybe my brother and his wife will fly in. It should be a fun time. We’ll hang out; watch the “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” thing. Oh, and Aaliyah is making that gluten-free banana bread. We will listen to the New Year song “Auld Lang Syne,” a song celebrating the year’s happy moments. Together we’ll enjoy the countdown and welcome another chapter in our lives.

We believe in keeping it simple and remaining close to our loved ones, sending warm New Year Greetings to those who cannot make it to the get together.

My favorite part of the New Year celebrations is raising a toast with loved ones which is for expressing gratefulness for past year’s blessings and wishing for hope and luck for the future. We also love to splash water on one another which is symbolic to cleansing i.e “rebirth” theme associated with the holiday.

Steve is not joining us as he is watching the Time Square Ball drop. Although much of this celebration occurs the night before, the merrymaking typically continues to New Year’s Day. Football is a common fixture on New Year’s Day in America, usually the day of the Rose Bowl. So I am sending an amusing ecard to him to make him laugh in the middle of the game.

Enjoy the New Year by scribbling all that you enjoyed doing or being a part of in 2015 and write down what is it you want to strike off from your list. I love this activity full of rewards and lessons which help me shape up my destiny and make me come alive to myself and once again refresh my resolutions.

So friends have fun but remember to take stock of your life, relations and directions.

It is time to raise a toast and welcome 2016 with loved ones.

Happy New Year!


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One thought on “Raise A Toast And Welcome 2016!

  1. B., Thank you for your kind New Year’s wishes. I very much enjoy your newsletters and blogs. Though I am not always able to comment, becasue I do not do Facebook nor Twitter,I have read each and everyone of your stories. Have even saved them all both hard copy and within online files.You are an incredible person. To have so many colorful stories to tell and to have the talent to write them all, is especially magical. You truly are amazing. Wishing a happy and healthy New Year to you B. and to your fun friends and loving family, always your friend, love, L.

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