Everyone is Irish On St. Patrick’s Day in The Big Apple!

A British boy of 16 years was captured and brought to Ireland. He was enslaved for six years. He struggled through those dark days. Surprisingly, during this period of intense suffering he got enlightened. He realized the self. He entrusted people with the message of God and freed them from being the wandering pagans, guiding them to receive God’s light. He attained priesthood in Ireland later and was none other than St. Patrick. His life is a blessing for all.

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Have you ever wondered why the presence of saints can transcend lives? The obstinate and prolonged darkness of millions of years can be alleviated by just one tiny flame of light. Similarly, a saint helps us to kindle the flame in our hearts and the darkness of a lifetime disappears. So when we honor a saint we are in reality honoring the divinity within us, we are rejoicing the presence of God in our lives.

On St. Patrick’s Day, We have plans to join in the famous parade, wear green and consume some fresh green beer. Aaliya plans to pack in some Irish Guinness pudding with Whisky cream. Megan is making some velvet shamrocks, the symbol of fortune, to pin to our wardrobes. Frederick is preparing some placards of St. Patrick’s Day messages that we plan to carry with us in the parade. Donna, with her children Ethan and Emily, is coming with green silk flags of St. Patrick’s Day. On this day, everyone is Irish in the Big Apple!

I can’t wait to be with friends and celebrate the spirit of a great saint and do a little jig on the Irish songs. Do something special for someone on this day. Be someone’s leprechaun. Yet, again comes a moment to celebrate love, in the Irish way.


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