We Are The Weather Prophets Of Our Life! – Groundhog’s Message

The little Groundhog comes out of its burrow on February 2; the Groundhog Day. Its strange behavior helps us to predict the weather.

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If the rodent sees its shadow, it runs back in its hide, which depicts the extension of winters whereas if there is a cloud cover it stays out which implies, the onset of Spring season.

Nature leaves clues for us to understand and find solution to our life situations. It’s the slate of God, on which is chalked in bold that we have several choices at any given point of time.

We, like the groundhog, are the weather prophets of our life. The snow cloak will be removed from the garden and so will the frost covered silver trees surface, little blossoms of hope will grow and the little birds will sing happy songs if we can just understand that destiny is our own making. I just reflected upon my choices and I am making the one that lets my smile be free of all inhibitions.

In NYC we are craving for luminous skies and warm weather. We are awaiting the springtime to absorb some warmth and step out in the open. Till then it’s our choice to stay in gloom or celebrate the inner warmness that comes from loved ones.

Celebrate love and friendship. Rejoice in life with better choices and surround yourself with positivity.

Have a great day! I will be with you and my observations of life that shall inspire the best in us.


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