Hot For Hugs!

This summer just got hotter, loose the blues and hug it out. Send a hug this week to share the love and bring pure joy to those around you!

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Click on a card to send.

Celebrate Hug Week by sending a hug! Let your endorphins run amuck, embracing another person for at least ten seconds is proven to skyrocket your happy feelings.

Just because it’s hug week, doesn’t mean we can’t send a card everyday!

Haven’t talked to someone lately? Remind them you still love them! Kick it up a notch and get creative. Say, “Have a Great Day!” or maybe just a friendly “Hello!” with a personalized note.

Better yet, surprise someone with a cute kitten card. Kittens are cute everyday, just ask my mother! Scuttling through daily emails just got a little bit more exciting and interesting.

Don’t forget to smile! Sharing the wealth of happiness brings light not only to yourself, but also to the entourage of people you surround yourself with. Positive people induce elevated thinking, so send those joyous thoughts to everyone this week!

Whether you choose to play it poolside or beat the heat indoors, send your love and happiness to your friends and family. Animate your optimism with a clever card!

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy all your hugs this week!


3 thoughts on “Hot For Hugs!

  1. Hey Bob, I agree with you absolutely. Nothing is better than a big hug. It is so sweet and warm. I used to hug my teddy bear every night before I go to bed, and I know I would have a good night sleep. (I hope my Teddy bear feels the same!) It is so nice of you and your team to spread the happiness around. The cards are so beautiful and refreshing. Wish you a warm and lovely summer.

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