Trauma and Relief.

The three Cleveland women abducted when they were girls and escaped a decade later is a heartstrings pulling story. It is one of those stories that make us seriously doubt if there are human-faced monsters living among us. At least we know where the wild animals are and what their characteristics are, but these fiends with no heart are around us in the garb of humans.

It is scary. Our hearts go out to the victims and we pray for their emotional recovery and hope they live a normal life for the rest of their lives.

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That said, how much can we trust a neighbor anymore?

The neighbors of the alleged kidnapper have been telling the media and anyone who would listen that they didn’t have a clue. They never had any reason to suspect this man at all. He was just another guy and that was just another house.

Even his brothers who were suspected at first but later cleared by the cops say the same thing. They never knew he was such a monster.

You can fight a devil with a name and face, but not an abnormal man in normal human being attire.

There are two heroes who have come out of this too. Two guys who helped the victim when she sought help and got the cops on the scene. The emotional outpouring of love by the country and the world as a whole was a sobering sight.

Such criminal acts can be stopped if we don’t ignore the warning signs when we notice them. Call the cops if you find something suspicious. It is okay if it comes out as nothing and you feel embarrassed later, but if it is true and gets a victim saved then it is worth it.

Criminals commit crimes as long as we are vulnerable but if the society strikes back they will have nowhere to hide.

Be vigilant.

That’s the moral.


One thought on “Trauma and Relief.

  1. B., These poor girls suffered so much. I hope they can get through all the trauma. It really is a strange world out there. So much suffering from so much nastiness. Yet there are times of great happiness that can come from this sadness. Victims need hope to get them through. Thank you for your kind and compassionate heart. L.

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