Relationships That Matter!

There are three relationships that matter the most…




Familial relationships are the one that we take for granted. Most times you don’t need to even work on these relationships as they are ties of blood and birth and stay forever and you are conveniently forgiven whenever you err.

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Spouse or sibling, your attitude is always that they are going to be there for you no matter what. True. But that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore them. These people crave for your attention and you should give them that. There could be your uncle or aunt who has this desire to see you at least once a month and your attitude is that you are happy meeting them only on Christmas.

Do not make that mistake; you wouldn’t know the value of someone until they are no more to be heard from.

Professional relationships exist. First, believe that. A colleague-friend relationship always exists. You got to nurture this relationship as the more you resist or be indifferent towards your colleagues the more they would fear you as to what your intentions are. Work environment is infested with insecure people most of the time and indifference would definitely breed paranoid activity.

Be wary of that and connect with your colleagues naturally.

Societal relationships are those you have with your doctor, local cop, mailman, grocer and the community heads who matter. Even well wishers and good friends are a part of this. Societal relationships allow yourself to get noticed by a good number of people and this will lead to you wielding a fair bit of influence in the place you live. You never know when you would need them and this relationship will give you the much needed connections to get things done when such a need arises.

Be aware of people who matter to you and be in touch with them as it will help you in the long run.


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