A Month’s End and A New Start!

Send Stay In Touch Greetings!Another month ends and a new one starts. We hardly notice how the time passes. Sun rises, gets up there and then sets in the evening paving way for the moon to rule the night. And then sun rises again for a wonderful day.

Weeks tumble by and then months arrive and when they too pass comes in a New Year with a set of resolutions and a sense of achievement that we survived another year without or with incident. Then as usual the introspection starts and the feeling of self pity and loathing returns along with a set of resolutions to correct everything.

In this world of 140 character conversations, we don’t give much time to the people we love, our family or anyone we care for. And most importantly we don’t give a damn for people who care for us. We have taken everything for granted.

But you know what’s the worst sin we have committed?

We have stopped giving time to ourselves. That, my dear friends, is the gravest sin.

We shouldn’t go too far that we forget where we came from. We should not tell ourselves that we are too busy that we don’t have time for ourselves. Not a good thing at all.

Do you guys remember the good ol’ diary writing?

These days it is the blogs. But the blogs are for the world, not for you. We have come out of the habit of talking to our parents and dear ones or even our love about the things that bother us anymore.

Too much freedom is sometimes a problem. Too much self-centered thoughts are sometimes a problem. Telling ourselves that even the family doesn’t have the right to invade our privacy is actually to make ourselves vulnerable for the emotional attacks that will be waged against as time goes by.

All said, if we take time to talk to ourselves or we let our loved ones give us an ear full of advise, maybe the days will not end and start, but good moments will pass on to beautiful moments.


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