Uncle Sam’s Procession!

Send Everyday Cards!We are a democracy. We love to voice our opinions. In late night shows on television we wouldn’t think twice before making fun of our President and other leaders. We can be gay, we can get married being one in certain States and we can even walk naked in a procession.

We can have Tea Party processions. We can rile against the government and the administration will provide security cover for an event that is opposing the government itself.

That is democracy!

Then there are movie stars who care more about the third world than the world they live in and they too shoot their mouth about the callousness of their present government while some even pose for pictures with dictators.

All said, this vibrant democracy sometimes is interpreted wrongly by its own people. Processions by themselves don’t make a point.

Crowd strength and funny attire and catchy one-liners on billboards and placards don’t cow a government down or make a policy withdrawn.

One could easily Occupy Wall Street or any other street in the country, but the agenda has to be clear.

There should be purpose behind every action. When grouped as a collective the voice would be heard if there is one point to make. Too many tangential thoughts and less enthusiasm followed up by inconsistent pursuit don’t look good.

It defeats the purpose.

And I see too many no good attention seekers in midst of an emotional crowd. That is not good. A garden looks good with flowers not with too many weeds. It spoils the look and the reputation.

Protest, we must in a democracy and that is our birthright in this land. But there should be discretion in selecting an agenda and its dogged pursuit.

Inspiration should be sought from figures that matter to us and not from figures for whom only numbers matter.

Your thoughts please.


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