Three Important Virtues!

Send Inspirational Greetings!I am not going to give you a study of moral science right now. I am going to talk about three virtues, which we can practice in real life that will make our lives better. These three virtues are not tough to practice and can be done if you put your heart into it.

The first virtue, honesty. Don’t groan thinking that this one’s a tough cookie. It is easy if you try it. In fact, it is so easy to practice you will be surprised. Do not lie. Stop saying harmless lies first. You have made that a habit and think of that as no big deal anymore. It doesn’t guilt you anymore. You don’t feel bad about it. You think it is mandatory to live a life.

Untrue. You don’t need to lie. For the gravest of situations if you were to answer with truth you would be surprised to see tears turning into smiles. And your heart will remain pure and you will be proud of yourself.

Second virtue, sincerity. Come on, do not jus’ go to office. Be useful. Be sincere in what you do. If you think the work you do is not worth your time or your time is not worth to the company… Be sincere about it and convey the same to the management. If you let that slip by and continue being where you are, you will end up being neither here nor there.

Sincerity will give you a second chance and indecisiveness will cost you a golden chance.

Third virtue, patience. This is the fastest the world has ever been. We have surpassed all logic in terms of impatience. We don’t have time for families, friends and now, we have reached the zenith – we don’t have time for ourselves anymore!

Nothing in this world comes easy, there are no free lunches, but there are always rewards for being ethical.

Be honest.

Be sincere.

Be patient.

World is yours!


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