New Year Resolutions!

Send Love CardsNew Year is not far away… I and Aaliyah are listing our resolutions now.

This is a list made by Aaliyah. She wants this one to be my New Year Resolutions. Tell me if she is being fair.

1. You should always call me first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

2. You should send at least 10 text messages a day and all of them should begin and end with I love you.

3. You should not wear the same t-shirt thrice in a week.

4. Wash your jeans at least once a fortnight.

5. Exercise at least for 20 minutes a day.

6. Bring flowers on every date.

7. Make an effort to clean your closet at least on Sundays.

8. Kiss me without me asking for it.

9. Do not tell me if you find anyone hot at your workplace.

10. Follow this list religiously.

I made one for her. My list for her is quite short though.

1. You should not cry every time you watch Titanic.

2. Stop watching Titanic.

3. Don’t tell me that Bradley Cooper is hot.

4. Stop watching Twilight.

5. Stop watching Harry Potter. I can’t take that anymore.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions!

  1. B., The path to real, true love is narrow, rough and not often trodden. We all need love, but are all of us willing to sacrifice, give up some of our individual freedoms, to collaborate, be one with another in order to keep the love alive and real?
    xo, L.

  2. That is a good one. I have seen some marriages lasting for a lifetime. Look at the story of Julia Child, the greatest chef and her husband. Love does last for a lifetime.

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