Miss me?

Send Flowers GreetingsAaliyah had to fly to Miami for work. She was away for a full weekend. And I was miserable. She couldn’t take calls as she was in and out of meetings. It was tough to be away from her.

Never realized how much I have come to be dependent on her. I couldn’t eat properly neither could I sleep. Smile was completely wiped off my face and I looked like an idiot.

Two days passed and on Monday morning I literally ran to the airport. She was there alighting the stairs.

She came running and I scooped her up in my arms. We kissed passionately like never before. It was a long deep kiss and we wouldn’t let each other go.

She was crying.

I was crying.

People around us were staring open mouthed.

Once we stopped kissing. We just started hugging each other tight.

And then we started smiling.

Then we wiped each other’s tears.

One lady finally decided to ask us a question, “How long has she been away?”

“A weekend.” I said.

Everyone around us started giggling and were surprised.

Aaliyah said to them, all in explanation, four simple words…

“We are in love!”

I almost feel the same way during the days between blogs 🙂

Love you guys!


One thought on “Miss me?

  1. B., Only movie I had seen out of all of the noms was “Midnight in Paris”- very neat picture- funny and over the top. Woody Allen is so well read and knows his art. I do want to see all the other films, but have not had time to do so. In fact, I did see “War Horse” -though not as a movie, but as the play/theatrical puppets’ version in your town, NYC- on Broadway. The puppets were wonderfully imaginative. The theatre production was from South Africa and in fact, a colleague of mine knows the creators. She explained to me how they worked out of a garage and developed these incredible puppets. If anybody gets the chance-see the theatrical puppet version of “War Horse.” Now that play made me cry from start to finish. People suffer much in World War 1, but I had no idea how many horses suffered, then, as well- thousands. Whether you are human, animal or any other living creature-suffering is suffering- it is a horrible state to be in.
    Thanks for this informative blog. enjoy the rest of the week. L.

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