Occupy Wall Street, Michael Jackson, Herman Cain, WikiLeaks and Halloween Costumes – A Little Bit of Everything!

Send Have A Great Day CardsThere is news of Police clashing with Occupy Wall Street protesters in Seattle. This movement is really gaining momentum. Too many people and too much anger. Even veterans have started lending support to the movement, is what we hear. Let us see how the government reacts to it as their strength multiplies. It bodes well as a wake up call for the people in power especially in an election year.

Michael Jackson continues to haunt the public memory even from the grave. His personal physician is facing questions and the court is hearing closing arguments on the case. Again, a wait and watch till the end of the trail.

Herman Cain burst into the scene as frontrunner a few days ago and now he is embroiled in a harassment allegation from the past. A squeaky clean President is all we want. Such standards expected for the top job. We want our President to be perfect, charismatic, physically fit without scandals, good family especially a charismatic spouse and good oratory skills. Well, we are a demanding public… Aren’t we?

Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce after exactly 72 days of matrimony. The nuptials cost upwards of $20 is the news. Well, may be we are very demanding in choosing our spouse too.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange loses the extradition appeal and that one’s worth debating on. This one’s tricky… How many of you believe that he is a good guy and how many believe there is something wrong here?

All said, my Halloween was amazing with the parties I popped into and found, for once, people showing their true colors and faces! Creepy world and that’s a real world for me.

Twitter updates by celebrities with their Halloween costumes on was a treat to watch. Most of them wouldn’t need a Halloween costume… Instead they could’ve just forgone the makeup.

Tell me how your weekend was and fill me up on anything that you think I should talk about.


3 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street, Michael Jackson, Herman Cain, WikiLeaks and Halloween Costumes – A Little Bit of Everything!

  1. B., This is a good one. Love your niece. Rachel is very clever and I can see where she gets it from. Hanging out with her Uncle Bob.
    She is most fortunate to have such an Uncle. love to you, L.

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