Love Is The Answer!

Send Teddy Bear Day CardsWars are on the world over. Recession and its aftermath are felt by our people. Selfishness and inefficiency is rampant; jealousy and hatred seem to be the order of the day. Too much trouble, very little peace. I felt like going to the church. I am not a frequent visitor though.

For me going to the church on a Sunday is more of an obligation than a necessity. I kneel and cross by habit and go through the paces idle and detached. Well, at least until the time I met this little girl a few months ago, Mariah Jones. She was this kid, who with her family kneeled in the front pew in front of me and tried hard to repeat the psalms and understand the stories. When it was time to leave, this little tot stayed back to pray for more. Her parents were surprised when she lit a fresh candle, placed a fresh rose bud and closed her eyes in prayer. I stopped on my tracks when she answered her querying mom, “It’s for that kid, who was crying, Mom; yeah, the one they showed in CNN last night.” Her mom told me, she was talking about the hurricane Irene storm victim, who was left orphaned by the deadly tornado. Well, it touched a chord in me; this little kid doesn’t know much about tornados or Kansas for that matter… She lights the candle for a kid she hasn’t met neither seen in real. There are times when we feel small in stature and ashamed of our ignorance. This kid humbled me with her gesture.

If only people understand that being a kid is the ultimate way to God then we wouldn’t act all grown up and create trouble between one another.

God gave us nature and earth. He didn’t name the countries neither did he divide us by race. He gave us love. And asked us to spread it.

Did we?

Tell me.


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