Love, Live And Let Live!

Send Flowers CardsI have become quite a nature freak these days. I mean, it’s like for the first time, it dawned on me that the house I own is built on a planet that I don’t own. I am living in and off nature.

I am a tenant in this world, which is called nature.

And my rent to stay is jus’ to make sure that I don’t destroy it.

Nature has always given me more than I asked for. Even in love.

One autumn morning my mood was sprightly. My love of life, Aaliyah, and I were strolling by the lake. The sun was bathing us with its warmth and the breeze caressing us to smile more; the day was redefining the synonyms of joy! There we were no words spoken… soaking in the ambience and feeling closer than we have ever felt! Her curly tresses purposely fell on her forehead to take a peek at those lovely eyes. Instinctively, I tried to brush the hair off her face; she held my hand and we sprawled child-like on the grass. Sounds of the birds returning to their nests and their mates; the male ones giving me a ‘you lucky fella’ look, a streak of rainbow breaking out to watch the spectacle, the sun collecting its rays and heading home giving way to a drizzle, and then the shower! We sat there smiling through the rain drops, vision blurred, in the lap of nature and I broke the silence, “Aaliyah, Life is beautiful!” And she smiled again.

Love is more about silence than words. Happiness is more about smiles than deeds. Life is more about others than ours.

Time to burn the pride that we own and we know everything and open our eyes to a world where we are guests of nature.


4 thoughts on “Love, Live And Let Live!

  1. B. Aaliyah is so amazing. I totally agree with her. When you love someone, truly. They are beautiful in every way. You are so happy to be with them. You want to look at them all the time and can’t bare to be away from them. It is all wonderful, like being in a dream but it’s real. You have been given this incredible person. Why would you want it to change? There are times, just touching the one you love sets your soul on fire. That person is part of your DNA- is your life. lots of hugs & kisses, B., for this one, L.

  2. B. Also I like that description: “anger on the tip of the nose.” That is so me! I do so relate to Aaliyah. thanks again for this great blog. Enjoy reading them after a hard day at work. xo, L.

  3. People are all different in this world and that makes things interesting. Having said that, we grind down to fit into one another’s world and that is harmony.

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