Men Will Be Men!

Send Everyday CardsPeople don’t get along with people anymore! Primetime news is filled with people, who hate each other. Let’s take a break and chew on something light. Here we go:

Aaliyah, love of my life, is Jewish, you know that already, right folks?! When she invited me home for dinner this time, I was ready. You all know that experience, last time I was there. I am yet to patch up with her old man. Anyways, to impress him good, I got him his favorite Champagne Krug Rose, cost me a fortune! My plan was to pacify him with the drink, I am sure he is no yak-yak person, so just a small talk would do and then try to sneak Aaliyah out for the night and we could hit a disco and well, the night would still be young. Smiled to myself at my fantasies; reached her place and greeted her dad with the good ol’ Krug.

Guess what? He held a perfect beauty in his hands; the old man has got me a vintage Dom Perignon. Voila! We sat down for dinner and the mood was festive at the table. Had a good time there and retired for a drink. I assured Aaliyah, I will behave and won’t loose talk with her dad and be polite and meet her in a while. So we clinked our glasses for a ‘Cheers!’ and then he started. I found him a warm person with a great sense of humor. The best part was that he was not afraid of making fun of himself. That touched me. I opened up a bit and with the bubbly doing its trick; I threw caution to the winds and opened my biography and anecdotes.

We hit it off like a house on fire and there was no stopping us. When we were through or should I say, when I lay flat, it was three in the morning! Well, Aaliyah didn’t complain either; she was just curious how it all came about. Of course, with guys it isn’t that tough once the facade is down, I told her that and she still didn’t get it. No wonder… We are too simple to crack, guys, I mean and they think we are a mystery, go figure!


5 thoughts on “Men Will Be Men!

  1. B. What a great story. Like you, so sweet, encouraging and thoughtful. It’s funny right at that moment that boy wanted to end his life and for some reason you took notice of him, went up to him and just talked his talk. Sometimes I think we are all pushed along gently by good Spirits that whisper in our ears and ask us to do good things. Because these kind spirits know what you don’t know and hope that you will listen to your heart and hear them out to do the right thing. I had a similar situation happen to me back in high school. A girl was being bullied because she was heavy, shy and not able to run fast during gym class. She was very smart, could write stories, did very well in math, good at games, could memorize whole poems like “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” and always made the school’s honor roll. Well, one day when she was being bullied by a bunch of guys in the school yard I went up to her and just stood by her. I don’t know why I did because I was afraid to do so. The boys kept teasing her, calling her names and I told them to lay off. Then they began harassing me. So I took her by the hand and told her to just walk away. That that they were cowards to pick on her. We could talk to the high school counselor. Perhaps she could help. This girl, who later became my best friend, said she was so relieved I came along. She was so sad, afraid and thought that one of the boys were going to hit her as well. When I came along they backed off a little. Not that I was much of a threat. Just that I stood up to them and couldn’t bare to see this girl being bullied. She later became a high school Math teacher and as a faculty member has a reputation of never tolerating student bullying of any kind. thanks for this story, B. L.

  2. I was one of those heavy, rather homely and quiet girls. Other students didn’t notice me much, and when they did – at least the first few times, – it was with the intention of bullying me. Boy, did they get a surprise! You see, I had grown up with two cousins, who were older than me – I knew how to fight! I also couldn’t tolerate seeing others, and especially smaller kids, get bullied. I waded right in, smacked and punched some sense into the heads of those bullies. Needless to say, there wasn’t much bullying going on at my school while I was there, and the teachers turned a blind eye to my ‘follies’, because it was easier to handle big boys who’d just got beaten by a smaller girl than try to protect kids from being bullied 🙂
    Moral? Don’t let others be subjected to something you wouldn’t care to have done to yourself!
    I love you, Bob, I love your stories. If you’re wondering about who I am, I am a 66-year old grandmother now, and I am Turkish. What I just told you happened more than half a century ago!

  3. It’s such an invigorating story – full of positive vibes. Thanks a bunch Bob for always bringing us a streak of smile inducing stories and anecdotes. Keep it up.

  4. This is such a lovely story. I remember a lot of bullying between classmates in high school but there are some angels around as well, like you. Abusers come from families that abuse and there are very few who could break the vicious cycle. This is a very encouraging story.

  5. Hey Bob,

    I really touched reading the story – yes, we never ever thought of any seconds, that what we’ve been doing ones in our life affect others in many ways – whether we realized it or not.

    Thanks for sharing. Sometimes, we almost forgot why we are here in the world –
    With simple acts of love – we’ve touched people’s life

    Greetings from Bali,


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