Irene’s Violent Visit To New York!

Send Inspirational CardsIs there an ulterior motive behind naming storms and violent tornadoes in women’s names?

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned or something like that, is the saying right?

Why is nature so furious now?

Oh! We scorned the nature, didn’t we?

Made natural forests to concrete jungles, constructed dams, made wild independent animals into pets, dug up the earth as much as possible and to jus’ add spice to the whole deal, we let up some carbon monoxide smoke to mix up with the air.

We should collectively be blamed for any disturbance in nature’s fabric and of course, for the ozone layer hole.

There are two kinds of people, who come to the fore in face of such calamity.

1. The real men and women, who care.

2. Opportunists.

The real men and women, who care are those, who selflessly save their fellow people and their belongings even if it means risking their own lives. To broaden that horizon, people who are not in the vicinity of the tragedy but help raise awareness and necessary aid for the affected populace fall in this category too.

Then, there are the opportunists. These are the ones, who loot and vandalize others property during this moment of crisis. To broaden that horizon, some politicians who try to skim some mileage even at the face of this tragedy and other pseudo-activists who feign caring also fall in this category.

There is a saying that goes, ‘there is an opportunity in every calamity.’ So true.

Here, the opportunity would be a united people. People who don’t look at each other and see the color of the skin or facial features, but straight at the heart. The heart doesn’t have a different color.

People who decide not to damage the prevailing nature laws. People who don’t tame animals, but allow them to breathe jus’ as we would like to – Free air.


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