Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO!

Send At Work CardsThe world of technology is divided into two equal parts: Products from Apple and those which are not.

I ain’t going into the pros and cons of its arsenal of phones and music, but about its CEO. The man who gave us Pixar, Iphone, Ipod and numerous others.

He is going to stay on as the chairman, but again, it won’t be the same.

He is a Demigod for gadget freaks. There are people, who love him and there are some, who hate him, but no one can ignore him!

He is a rock star CEO in the sense… The way he markets his products, the way he embraces the media and the way he reaches out to the young techno freaks.

He has fought too hard and for too long, may be seeks a well-deserved rest.

Let’s give him that. And hey, he is not going away. He is still the Chairman and that’s good news.

He didn’t do anything different. Phones were there, music was available, and animated movies were being made before his products hit the market. What he did was two things:

Ease To Use And Incredible Marketing.

A boring technology freaks only business caught the imagination of a gadget illiterate mass too. And that for me was his genius. He hyped up his products so much that the die-hard fans flocked the stores overnight and camped till the new gadget was unveiled and available for sale. The release of one of its products rivaled the release of a super hero movie.

All said, the lesson to be learnt from him, if one follows his career trajectory is that – keep fighting and never ever give up.

You never know, you may come to run a company that fired you in the first place!


6 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO!

  1. Nothing matters but the hearts. No one is perfect. My uncle has a pot belly and my auntie thinks this is the cutiest thing about him.

  2. B. You are on the money with this blog! So charming, which is your way, B. When you fall in love with another person, everything they do, how they do it, how they look, you love it all. Nothing is perfect in this world, though we strive for it. And whatever perfection is, who knows. There is so much beauty in imperfection. I always tell my students look at Mother Nature- she is the best teacher-various, chaotic, irregular, abnormal- she is perfect in her imperfections. A tree’s branch doesn’t have the same twigs and leaves growing from it. They all vary in size, shape, color and texture. Just like people. Thank goodness. Would be a pretty dull world if we are were the same. This blog was perfect- ha, ha… thanks, L.

  3. YES! Smile….cos you understand….tat
    Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough.


    For in the end it is between you and GOD


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