Identify The Real Heroes!

Send Friendship CardsWhen we were busy with our financial crisis and stock market stocks, an incident sneaked through and exited public memory.

It shouldn’t.

This was the news:

30 U.S. servicemen laid down their lives when their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan. 30 young Americans!

Our priorities in life are a bit skewed, isn’t it? We even remember the American Idol winner of 2010 or prior, but we don’t remember the American soldier, who has lost his life fighting for us. Not good.

Look at what’s happening in London. The teens, who are fed on prime time television are on the streets looting; a good percentage of them are from millionaire mansions and fortresses. They are not in want of money or gadgets, they are in it, for fun.

Yes, for a good populace of the rioters, this was jus’ fun!

No value for people, money or sentiments of others.

We are touching the same danger line now. Our moral compass is pointing towards no man’s land. Time to get our act together.

For starters, let’s start celebrating the real heroes instead of the CGI-propelled super heroes.

One has to draw a line here:

Entertainment and reality.

Entertainment is good. Have a good laugh. Have a good time. Move on.

Reality – Don’t be ignorant, get to know what’s happening around us, be wary, respect fellow individuals, identify the real heroes i.e. soldiers, who fight selflessly for us.

The day, when an American teen has a poster in his room of an American Marine, who died defending his country, this country will rise again.

That would be a proud day.

Make no mistake, our institution is still strong, but our young generation is going wrong.

Music, movie, ball game are all good, but life is lived on the streets and the bills are paid, when the work gets done.


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