London Riots!

Send Inspirational CardsThe English gentlemen and ladies woke up to hooded youths ransacking establishments. Arguably, the world’s best police force didn’t see it coming and couldn’t stop it on time either.

Around the world, it’s a surprise and for England it is embarrassing. Of all places, London? Olympics event is knocking its door too.

Whatever happened to the teens? They are having a free run and the technology is aiding them in it. They are on their mobile phones, similar gadgets, Twitter, Facebook and what else and what not to get in touch with their crooked lot to go an overdrive to loot and burn.

Middle-aged and sophisticated English populace can’t believe what they see. The worst part is that, there is no unifying cause. It is all random. The moral compass has gone for a toss.

What’s disturbing is the lack of morality in the teen-adolescent-youth. This is the generation that will shape the future of the United Kingdom. And they are looting with impunity and are giving no two hoots about the damage to the lives or property of others.

Imagine a world that will have leaders picked out of this lot!

Given UK’s standing in the world, this generation will be responsible for a bulk of decisions that will be taken to run the world as years roll by.

Whose fault is it?

First, there was Arab Spring… It made sense. There was a cause.

This one?

Is it lack of a cause that’s spurring rebellion or too much suffocation that was always on the boil but never obvious?

We never saw Arab Spring coming either.

Wait a minute, how do we get our information?


You cover the riots, you cover the conflicts… When would you cover the root of the problem?

When you tell us there is a problem, we will debate about it, there will be public opinion on the problem and there will be a solution. Not riots.

Can we get to hear the real problems that people face around the please?


5 thoughts on “London Riots!

  1. Bob, this is a moving story in this world which is full of hatred and greed. Yes, life is about love, about how to love oneself and the others. On the other hand, the Bible also reminds us to be like the dove and the snake at the same time and be on the watch-out.

  2. Yes, I agree with you, God is love, and sometime allows to happen many bad actions or events, to let us wake up and pray to him for help or mercy. You are full of love Bob, I think because you are not marry yet, what I mean because you did not face stress of married life yet or maybe you have some from your work but not from home life, like wife..mother don’t want to scerd you from marridge life but I don’t know how I can explain to you my idea…but I am so happy to hear from you that you go to church, so I know now that this love to your reader is true love.

  3. Love is all about giving with no expectation.God is given us enough reasoning power and also is kept a innocent kid within us no matter how big we grow,this kid comes out when the love blooms within.Love all unconditionally and for sure it will come back to you.Always nice to be a kid by heart which would reflect a innocent smile on your face and that smile would in turn attract all and spread love.

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