The Apes Strike At The Box Office!

Send friendship CardsIt’s strikingly real and… Well, scary! I am talking of ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes.’ It has stormed the box office and is raking in the returns.

I am not going to give you a review, but this movie made me wonder how similar we are. I mean, the apes and us. To put things into perspective, I would say not jus’ apes, but all animals are born equal.

We, humans, have moved on and pride ourselves of the first among equals. We believe that we have the reasoning power and the sixth sense that other animals lack.

When was the last time, a tiger killed another of its own in the name of religion. For survival, in the wild, animals attack one another. No problem. But for things like superficial, misplaced morals and matters of faith they do not!

Animals crave love too. Isn’t it beautiful to see what’s good in us is good in them too – motherly affection, little ones’ antics and gratitude in return for care.

What did they ask of us? Nothing. They jus’ want to be left alone.

Bird cages don’t make sense. If we are in the same scenario, it would be a hostage situation and our keepers would have been terrorists.

The point is, it is all good to talk about treating every human being as one’s equal, but I think we should amend it to, ‘treat every being in this world as equals!’

Sharks are dangerous, they kill people. Yes, not on land, but at their home. If you go there and if you are their meal. Don’t complain.
We empathize and sympathize with the lions in the Lion King, but not the ones in the jungle. Balance of life stipulates that every animal is some other animal’s meal. At least between the meals, let’s live a little!


2 thoughts on “The Apes Strike At The Box Office!

  1. Nature is really beautiful. I like my old man’s saying, ‘leave it to nature’. He is right all the time. We are only humans.

  2. B. Oh so beautiful a story of nature. Yes, we are guests. I am going to print this essay out and fold it up until it is so small to fit into my locket that I will wear on a silver chain close to my heart. Thank you, sweet friend, for this. You have given me much hope. L.

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