Have You Ever Done Anything For No Reason?

Send a good night card to someone who is specialMatters of the heart doesn’t have any logic to them. Have you ever done anything for no reason? Sounds stupid? Not really. I have tried and it works big time.

You may wonder why would anyone do that? Well, we attach importance to few days in our lives. It could be our birthday, anniversaries, Friendship day, Valentine day, and religious events like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. We are living our life waiting for the special days to feel special and make someone feel special.

This over dependence on the calendar has made our heart programmed to happiness only on certain occasions. True – the events and occasions make us wait with anticipation of the same and when it arrives the thrill of the day is enjoyed to believed. But there is one other way one could find happiness and share a smile. Read on…

It is good to wish your good friend on his or her birthday. It is great to send the same friend a greeting card or a bunch of flowers on the same day. But what if you send your friend a greeting card and a bunch of flowers on a day with no significant event or occasion attached to it?

That day becomes a significant and eventful day for your friend or loved one.

In 123greetings.com we have sections like Just Because, Have a Great Day, Stay In Touch et al for this reason only. You can surprise with a text message or a phone call, but with a personalized greeting card… It will be a pleasant surprise!

Check out what we have in store and you will be surprised to find that not only we stress on the events and occasions that happen all through the year, but we have enough greeting cards that cater to each and every emotion. There are even cards tailor-made for every day of the week.


4 thoughts on “Have You Ever Done Anything For No Reason?

  1. Well am glad the Ron didn’t ask the customer to get the mouse to click on the My computer icon… I wonder what the customer would have done :)…Thanks I needed a smile…I am having a rough day 🙂

  2. I used to have an internet cafe. One day a guy came in, and sat at one of the computers, he seemed to know what he was doing, so I left him alone. After a while, he called me and told me that the mouse wasn’t working, the cursor would come down to the middle of the screen, and wouldn’t go further down. I took his hand, lifted it up together with the mouse, moved it away from the edge of the table, smiled at his red face and went back to my desk 🙂

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