What Is Love? And What Is Friendship?

Send some flowers to your loved oneHave you ever felt you are less of a person? Have you ever had a long look in the mirror and felt like a loser? Have you ever felt that whatever you have done till this point in life is not exactly what you should have been doing? Felt like a different person altogether? Felt like, you know, ashamed?

Well, my rant above is how I felt today.

Sometimes what you think of yourself is what you believe you are, but the fact is that you know who you are when your loved one explains you. It’s a moment of enlightenment or a moment of shame… Choose what you want.
Aaliyah told me today thus:

“Bob, you have taken me for granted. You have assumed that I will listen to anything and everything that you tell me; it doesn’t matter if you are wrong or right! You could do that to your pet, of course; but not to the love of your life. You have the right over me. I don’t deny that. But you have the right over me to make my life beautiful, rid me of my mistakes, my carelessness about my well being, about my attitude towards other loved ones, but you do not, I repeat, you do not have the right to dictate my life. I would love to be inspired by you. I would like to know more about the feeling of love from you. I would like you to put a smile on my face. I don’t want insecurity. I don’t want you setting the rules in a relationship. If you are sad, I am by your side. If you are happy I am by your side. But if I am sad, you expect me to be happy… For You! Not fair.

When you are sad and I am sad, you expect me to be happy… For You! Not fair at all. You want me as your pillar of support. True. I will be. But who will be my pillar?

I miss the Bob, I loved. I miss the Bob, who cared. I don’t want to be with the Bob who thinks of me as a prop. I miss being ‘us’.”

Well, have you gone through something like this in life? I did.

The simple fact is sometimes a kind word can make a person get up from his comfort zone and start to behave better. Sometimes, some people need a slap or a big whack on the head to start seeing things they don’t see. I saw it. I will behave.

Friendship is the base of any relationship. If you start behaving like a friend once you fall in love and have got the person in your life, then there is nothing left, but vacuum.

Love is the applause that you hear when one hand of friendship and one hand of care clap together. There is no love with one hand waving. My hand rested when she waved. Now, I raise my hand… At last.

Tell me some interesting experiences that you have gone through in life that made you a better person. Would love to hear from you.



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