Support For Simon Cowell

Send Inspirational EcardsHere’s a thoughtful comment on my post Simon Cowell And American Idol by my friend Rhonda:

I love Simon Cowell; I think he can be arrogant, and self centered, but he does tell it how it is. I would much rather have it straight than be given false hopes. But then no one can give you false hopes but yourself.

Doesn’t matter, Simon Cowell is who he is, and we either accept or we don’t. I’m not sure why ‘we’ are making him the big star by speaking of him, writing about him and always having something to say about him. That’s why he is in the news more than anyone else. In saying all these, the man has extreme talent. Has anyone bothered to find out what Simon is really all about?

Just bit of a challenge for some…

Would you like to respond to that? Do you agree with Rhonda? What do you think of Simon Cowell?


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