Live To Be A Hundred

Send Everyday EcardsEleanor and Frank have decided to get married this summer. Before they start a new life together, they are worried about the fact that they are both past their prime. Eleanor is getting increasingly concerned about her health. Frank is sturdy that way, but.Eleanor is looking for tips on basic exercises. All you fitness freaks out there, do you have any exercises that you would like to refer to Eleanor? Your tips will not only benefit Eleanor, but also a lot of people out there who want to stay fit.


7 thoughts on “Live To Be A Hundred

  1. I reckon that Tai Chi is the best. It is a way not only to exercise the body but also to cure the internal disease. Some diabetic patients get well with Tai Chi.

  2. B. Swimming or exercising in the pool is an easy way to work out. Very relaxing and energizes you. I don’t have my own pool, so I am a member at a local YMCA and swim laps 3 times a week. Also do water exercising and stretching in the pool. Another fun thing is called- Spinners where you ride an exercise bike. Start out slow and then increase the speed. There’s an instructor who helps you keep up the pace. When and how to. Good cardio stuff. Then I work out on the Ellipse and free weights. But always when I begin I start out light weights and eventually I increase the weights. A new thing at the Y recently, called Zumba- like a dance aerobics that I would like to try. Can’t dance to save my life. Have no sense of rythmn. So perhaps this might help. Yet, it’s a fun way to work out. Now the best of all exercise is to is just plain walk. Walk everywhere you can. Take the steps instead of an elevator. Keep moving all day long. Try to remind yourself if you have to sit all day long then to get up and walk around the block or walk to the post office to send a letter to a good friend or head to the gym. Keep on truckin’… L.

  3. I think that pilates is the appropriate kind of exercise that Eleanor needs.Pilates gets your mind in tune with your body.It also teaches you how to breath right.It is not a hard and tiring kind of exercise. Pilates is so safe, it is used in physical therapy facilities to rehabilitate injuries. It is also good for people that are not used to working out.It helps you loose weight and keep fit .

  4. Eleanor could try yoga and see if it works for her. There are some very good stretches and breathing exercise in yoga, not all will suit everyone. Recommend working with instructor in the beginning.

  5. Hey Ming although i agree that Tai Chi is good for our mind and soul i must admit that i have my doubts on it healing internal organ diseases like diabetes.You see in these kind of cases internal organs are damaged and nothing until now could replace or mend their insufficient function.

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