Miss USA 2009 Bothers Donna!

Send Everyday EcardsThe NBC telecast of the Miss USA 2009 show has sparked off an unpleasant situation at Donna’s place. Her daughter Emily was so taken in by the glitz and glamor of the Miss USA 2009 show that she excitedly told her brother Ethan, “I want to lose weight and lose it fast! I want to become just like one of these girls.” Donna is supportive of Emily’s decision. But she is concerned that Emily may go on a starvation diet. “Fitness is something, but unhealthy dieting is not acceptable at all. Do you think she’ll be that way?” she asked Megan. Though Megan tried to tell her that it was just a teenage fascination and would pass off in no time, it could not calm down the distraught mother. She’s worried about Emily. Do you have any guidance that Emily could use?


4 thoughts on “Miss USA 2009 Bothers Donna!

  1. People tend to mix up thinness with fitness. I think Donna could Emily show some pictures of fit women, say the atheletes, and lead her into sports for fitness.

  2. Donna being worried is a good thing because that means she is aware of Emily’s mindset and can help her. First stop should be a physical and then a visit to a nutrionist. Emily needs to be set on the right path. If she is so adament about being a future Ms. USA then find a gym that not only offers one on one training experts, but also is health concious. I’m sure if Emily is given positive options, she will be okay and successful as well as healthy and Donna will be relieved and not stroke out…

  3. Diet has nothing to do with starvation but with having regular nutritional meals low in calories and high in fiber. That together with everyday exercise will bring the right result.

  4. B. If Emily wishes to loose weight, she should try to do it slowly. Not to do a crash diet. I agree in doing some type of athletics or exercising every day along with cutting calories. No junk food or heavy fatty foods is the best way to start. And eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. I think it’s a good goal to want to be in a beauty pargeant as it get Emily incentive to loose weight. Nothing wrong with that. I am heading to Hawai’i soon and hope to get into a bikini while I’m there. So been swimming , exercising and eating well. Go for it Emily! But do it bit by bit. Slow and steady wins the race. L.

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