Who’s The Boss?

Send Love EcardsYes, that’s the question doing the rounds at Mike’s place. Mike, Eleanor’s son, and his wife Lisa, are both professionals. They have their careers to look after. As a result, they are divided on who should stay at home more often to look after their son, Andrew. Eleanor stepped in a couple of times to resolve the issue, explaining to them the need to share their time equally. But that’s not working out, folks. They have not been able to settle the issue between themselves. What would you have done if you were in their shoes?


5 thoughts on “Who’s The Boss?

  1. I think Eleanor’s suggestion is good. Perhaps Mike and Lisa could work out a plan together for sharing the job of looking after Andrew.

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  3. Responsibility should always be shared between the initiators, mentor and players who knew very well what they are doing. The degree of their actual involvement and intentions should also be considered.

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