The Good Part About Filing Tax Returns!

Send Work EcardsAdrian manages to find a silver lining even when there is no dark cloud! All of us are busy filing our taxes and lamenting on how much it’s eaten into our savings. Rick has promised to cut down on booze! While all these are going on, Adrian is busy making calculations. He’s expecting a refund! Now, don’t you think it’s the height of optimism? While most of us are amused, he is happily tapping away at his calculator conjuring values that will send any tax specialist squirm with disgust.

That reminds me, in my earlier post on ‘Do You File Taxes Online?’, a friend made an interesting comment. This one’s by Pattie:

“I still use snail mail when I send in my taxes. Why should I bother getting it to them any sooner. I’m not getting anything back.”

Would you like to comment on that? Are you looking forward to a refund? Share your concerns with us.


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