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Adrian, who takes his planet and its problems seriously, is very excited about this new bill that is being talked about. Adrian feels that this new bill, which enables citizens to sue the federal government if they think they are being made victims of global warming, will be a rather ambiguous change. “Imagine the number of lawsuits that will be filed Bob!” he told me sarcastically, “people will go bonkers to extract money claiming damages caused by global warming!” Adrian doubts if this step will do anything about the problem of global warming. He feels it will take the focus out of the actual issue. Do you agree with him? Do you think this bill will be beneficial to the common citizen, or will it just be another point on global warming that we should do something about, but never do?


12 thoughts on “Going Green For Planet Earth

  1. Another stupid lawsuit that will cost millions of dollars that will be paid by us, the taxpayer. Wouldn’t it be better to spend those millions of dollars on global warming??? Think about it!

  2. When I moved into my house, I found the upstairs shower to be a bit smaller then I was use to. So what I did was turn the shower on to wet myself then turn it off to soap up and back on to rinse off. I saved allot of water this way. Plus, I turn my oven and cooktop off when the meal is almost done. The heat will finish cooking the meal. Lastly, wash in cold water.

  3. A number of year’s ago,I started hearing about global warming,& how I could do my part.I now turn off the water when brushing my teeth.I freeze water in coffee cup’s,or whatever to make sure my cat always has cold water.I don’t let the faucet run until it get’s cold.I turn down my thermostat 2*,always re-cycle,& never litter.

  4. I disagree with Arian! This is a stupid, ignorant bill. EVery kook in the US will sue just to get money. We have too many frivolous law suits as it is. Which is one reason why health care is so high.
    As for Global Warming! It is a hoax! The ice caps are NOT melting. the Earth’s temperature is NOT rising. (Has not increased in the last decade) Global Warming is just another way for the government to control us and get more of our money, i.e. cap and trade. You are very gullible if you believe “cap and trade” will help the earth. And I am so sick and tired of hearing about green that I don’t eat green vegatables any more and I avoid green lights, and I have thrown away all the clothes I own that are green. Wake up people!! you are being duped!

  5. The bill i think will be a farce, and will definately deflect the from the issue of climate change to the issue of “me against the goverment”. Though i think they probably wanted the average citizen to be more involved and to be able to hold the government responsible to issues arising from global warming. But frankly am more amused by comments like those from – Dallas Hauenstein | 04.15.09, 1:41 pm – which was rather hilarious to say the least. I can only the say that the Ostrich tactic doesn’t work here. Keeping your head in the sand isn’t going to make the problem go away.

  6. My dear Dallas,
    Global Climate Change IS very real! I keep up on this, and I see numerous programs on many networks that have scientists and cameras on the scene. The only only “evidence” that there is no GW is the opinions of others like yourself who seem to have their heads in the sand and think chocolate chip cookies are a conspiracy.

  7. sinserely the billing on making our planet green is a well coming idea.everything u do in life that is perfect is green.lets plan green around our houses and everywhere we have opportunity to.
    it pays ,it is healthy even as a colour its wonderfull

  8. Climate change is essential to us,. It enable us to know the changes of the year and how to presuit our diet. over a very long period of time we must know how that it going to be and what is going to happened. I must command the scientist for good work done and God who had imparted knowledge in them.

  9. My then 8 year old thought of this and we have done it ever since. Why do we use paper napkins when we could use cloth ones and wash them? Two years ago we gave up on paper napkins and it has saved us and world a lot. I paid £15 ($17) for 12 napkins — how much do you spend in a year on them? More than £15! And it doesn’t take a lot of energy (in any form) to rinse them out under the tap after a meal and leave them on the radiator to dry. Napkins are probably (I have no data to support this but a major hunch) a huge problem that we can easily fix.

  10. What about the “scientific” experiments and , unfortunately, practic activities of the big powers aiming at manipulating the atmospheric phenomena and bring “natural” disasters on other nations? Why nobody speaks about this, and all friends of the Earth limit themselves to preach putting off the light and turn off the water?

  11. there are certain things which all of us can do.. like say for example.. we can walk or maybe take a bicycle when going to nearby places.. this could keep us healthy n fit n even save us the cost of gas for our cars or bikes..
    nowadays kids are becuming complete tv n computer fans.. playing out with friends or going for basketball classes have becum legends.. even grown ups prefer spending their free time sitting in front of these electronic devils… we should seriously avoid it.. if not for our own good den atleast for saving electricity….

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