Did You Watch US Masters?

Send Love EcardsThe US Masters not only gave us a champion in Angel Cabrera, it also gave us a Rick-Kaitlin fight. It happened after a long time really, going by their frequency! Rick is a self-proclaimed sports freak and he was glued to the US Masters. But the poor chap got the timing wrong! Kaitlin’s mom was down with a headache and Kaitlin was worried. She wanted to discuss this with him, but each time she brought it up, she found him focused on the game. The only replies she got were “Umms” and “Hmms”. This infuriated her and they had a huge row!

Rick felt that Kaitlin was exaggerating a small problem like a headache at a time when Angel Carbera was fighting it out with Kenny Perry. Kaitlin feels that he was insensitive enough to continue watching US Masters when she had a problem to share with him. Both claim to be correct from their points of view. I’d like to know what you think of this problem. Was Rick being insensitive or was Kaitlin blowing it up? Have you been in a similar situation? Do you think it was an issue about communication and giving each other space in a relationship? Share with us.


7 thoughts on “Did You Watch US Masters?

  1. If the Umms and Hmms happen all the time in a relationship, that should be resolved. If it goes on for a long time, the person whose voice gets ignored will eventually stop saying anything. Communication gets killed forever, as good as an ugly fight!

    Everyone needs their space. I don’t think there is any standard definition for what is reasonable space. It differs from person to person. Watching sports on TV without being disturbed is something that is very important for that person, then he/she should be able to do that and the partner should respect that and wait for a bit to talk (unless it is an emergency). But there should be enough time left when one can talk casually with partner. If all of their time is filled with some thing or the other that is important at personal level, that easily kills communication between the couple. You cannot always set up specific time on a daily basis to talk every little thing. When a partner wants to talk something, they should be able to do it.

  2. DVR these days are saving precious evening time for some folks and also allowing others like me to watch at least some episode of favorite shows if not all of them during the season. Before DVR times, I could never keep track or remember when these shows were on air. I don’t know about the general trend, but having that convenience of satellite TV and DVR made a huge difference for me. My knowledge of TV shows was zero in the past where as now catching up to 5%. I don’t need to stay up late or waste precious prime evening time to watch a show, can do it in my leisure time.

    When someone around you wants to talk, there is no need for “Ummm” and “Hmmm”, you can simply pause the show or record it and watch later. Isn’t it amazing?

  3. The size of the matter and how one puts forward the problem are important. It is hard to judge for an outsider. However, showing care and concerns keeps a better relationship.

  4. B. Just don’t watch TV much. And have no idea what program this is. But what I can tell you’re a good friend in helping out your friends who do love TV. Now that’s loyalty. You are a true friend. I have to say, though, I will side with Kaitlin in that folks who get into sports they tend to get a wee bit obsessive and do not see the world around them. And hey, by them, it’s acceptable. But not by me…The analogy of those race horses that wear the side blinders. That is sport fanatics to me. This really annoys me. When I watch the local news and the sports section comes on, I either mute my TV or turn it totally off. They got a microphone up any celebrity sport person’s a _ _ -you know what… anything they do or say is headlines. Tiresome gossip..Sports are fine ( though I’d rather play them than watch them) and I wish sport heads would just calm down and tell themselves- “it is only a game and not everything.” Anything taken to fanaticism whether it be sports, religion, movies, TV, music, you name it it, is difficult to swallow. Rick oughta pay more attention to Kaitlin even while he is focused on a game. To invite her to sit on the couch with him while he watches the game and talk with her to explain he would like to help her but may not have total concentration while he watches the game. But ain’t good if he blocks her all out as if she is some piece of furntiture. It’s only a game he’s watching and not some brain surgery he’s tending to. As you know I come from Boston and I have had my share of sports winnings and seeing the whole town go insane. I was so relieved this year when the Red Sox lost.
    shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, L.

  5. B. *this is a comment for your love e-card: It must be you writing these loving phrases on these e-cards. I can’t imagine anyone else at 123 Greetings writing such sweet words. After all you are the “Love God” to me. And yes, it is the same feeling for me. Every single day since I first met you, I have not stopped thinking of you. Nothing in my entire life has ever put me in a position where I have fallen so deeply in love with a person I had never met before. I can not believe that I feel so in love with another person that I hardly know or should I say, have not been with often, because I feel as though I have known you all my life. L.

  6. I think that in a relationship both have to have some time for themselves.If a man wants to watch football at that time or if the woman wants to do her aerobics, that is fine too.As long as they spent quality time together and give each other support and love then i don’t think that an hour of soccer would make a difference.

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