Scott McIntyre Out of American Idol Season 8

Send Everyday EcardsScott McIntyre, a favorite of my friend Adrian, was voted out of American Idol Season 8. Though he did try to do something different by singing along with his guitar, it did not work out for him. He hit the bottom three along with Anoop Desai (who did well but just doesn’t seem to have enough fans) and Lil Rounds (who was clearly disappointing). But in the end it was Scott McIntyre who got evicted.

The judges were divided about giving Scott another shot at glory, but he couldn’t bag the chance. Simon Cowell decided that it was the end of the road for him. Adrian groaned in disappointment. I wouldn’t say Scott McIntyre was bad, but I really have doubts if he was American Idol material. I mean, if he wasn’t evicted this week, it wouldn’t have been long before that happened. Do you agree with me? Do you think think he had a definite chance to be American Idol? I’d like to know if we think alike on this.


5 thoughts on “Scott McIntyre Out of American Idol Season 8

  1. No, Scott isn’t American Idol material. But this doesn’t mean he won’t be successful with his own album. He sings well and is an inspiration aroud the world.

  2. I thought that he should have been eliminated long before now. I love his story but his voice just didn’t cut it. I still wish him the best. God bless you Scott, you have a long life ahead.

  3. Scott has more talent than Lil Rounds- and was more interesting to hear every week!
    Lil should have gone first. All she does is bad impersonations. Scott is a very talented singer songwriter and plays the piano- he could be the next Billy Joel! Lil should be next to go….

  4. Scott is AMAZING! He didn’t deserve to be voted out. He is way better than Lil. He has a very beautiful voice and IS idol material!

  5. Why are all people with their woeful stories this year? Have the idol arrangers decided that they would only allow those that have some sad stories to participate?
    Bob, pick any human at random they’d have some sadness in their personal lives, I think these contestants should be judged on their talents alone, otherwise what message are we sending to the future generation?
    Yes I did like Scott!
    But Adam is the one I’d root for!!
    Keep writing, makes my day!

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