Writing A Love Letter

Send Love EcardsWriting a love letter is an art that can easily be labeled in the endangered category. With the coming of age of the Internet and mobile services, lovers hardly depend on the postal system or other people to deliver their message of love. But guys, believe me when I say that they still hold tremendous appeal to the love-sick heart. So if you want to earn those much-desired brownie points from your sweetheart, write a love letter and send it across. If you write a good one, you can only imagine the effects it will have. Here’s how to get started.

The mode and the medium is of utmost importance. Choose a nice pen and a classy color of ink. Keep those fancy pink and green colors for Christmas decorations. Get yourself a nice paper. No, that torn sheet of your favorite note-book is not applicable. When you begin to write, make sure you have already formed the rough draft in your mind. If you are the type who stumble on every word and are prone to heavy editing, write it on a separate sheet of paper first. If you write a wrong word while drafting the final copy, draw a line through the word lightly. Don’t paint the scratched word and make the whole thing look miserable.

The love letter should ideally be the spontaneous flow of your lovelorn heart. In the process of writing it if you fall short of ideas, wait for the flow to come back to you. Writing about inane stuff to fill out the pages is a bad idea. Your love would really not like to know about the fight you had with the cab driver or how you were duped into having an overpriced drink. Be relevant and maintain a sort of agenda. That way you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Begin and end with a tender, loving address to your beloved. I’d suggest you cut out any corny ideas. So, get cracking and let me know the effects!


6 thoughts on “Writing A Love Letter

  1. B. “Love letter, love letter…” as Nick Cave sings. I wish to get cracking and write you one. But I am not talented in word. To hold an agenda and be relevant I am at a loss. Spontaneous flow, ha! what if you ain’t good at words? No Ad Lib is gonna come from me…only pictures. You are so incredible and I hold you close to my heart. This strong hold of love for you will not go away as I thought it might. It keeps getting stronger and fuller. A lovelorn heart, never knew what that was until I met you. But I can buck up and do my part. All you have to do is face me and say that you love me, too, and I will always be there for you. No doubt. You all ready have my heart. L.

  2. nice advise, I like it.. Good luck to all you guys out there, sending love letters .. It certainly is a lost art..


  3. B, writing love letters certainly will get a tick in winning a lady’s heart. I don’t know why guys nowadays are so lazy to even write a few lines. Perhaps SMS is to be blamed. One does not have to be Shakespears to express the feelings though it works well with even a line or two from Shakespears. Sometimes a line from a popular love song will also do the trick, e.g. Endless love. The lady may say ‘I don’t mind’ but getting a line of love will send your lady to heaven.

  4. How can people have so much time to write love letters? I am working 26 hours in a day. Oh, sorry, there are only 24 hours in a day. The lady shpuld understand that if she wants her guy to have some rest.

  5. Writing love letter is a lost art indeed. I don’t think the ladies would mind if they do not receive any love letters because life is so much changed from Shakespears’ days.

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