Shooting Near Radford!

Send Inspiration EcardsUgly incidents crop up every now and then, reminding us that no one nowhere is safe. Recently it was reported that a shooting incident took place at the Radford University. Official had to close down the campus. Students have been asked to take cover. While this is being written, there’s still no news of the suspect being under arrest. Various reports suggest that he has been sighted near the Bonnie Hurlbert Student Center. University officials have cautioned that the man is armed and dangerous.

I wonder where we are coming to really. There are reports of people taking up arms and going postal. It cannot be assumed that you are safe or your near ones are safe. The shooting was reported to have happened at 9 pm on Thursday. I was alarmed to read about the incident. My heart goes out to the families and folks of the students whose security is being threatened by an armed infiltrator. My sister Liz is really worried about the safety of my niece Rachael. And so is Donna, the mother of Ethan and Emily. With growing paranoia, I’m really concerned on the way ahead. What do you have to say on this? Write in.


3 thoughts on “Shooting Near Radford!

  1. Unfortunately now we hear more and more often about incidents like these that happen in junior schools or in senior peoples homes or in university’s.It is really terrifying .I have two children too and i am really concerned of their safety too. The problem is that these kind of people that shoot other people for no apparent reason don’t show any signs of strange behavior before this.

  2. B. Why is this happening more frequently? I am puzzled by all of this. Perhaps it is due to people not communicating with one another. Perhaps it is due to too much stuff in our water systems or parents doing too much drugs, caffeine, drink and having babies dependant on the drugs, the alcohol they took. I do not know. But it all horrifies me. I think the people who do the crime are not fully aware of what they do. It is a shame. I feel sorry for them and especially feel sorry for the victims and their families as their lives will be forever changed. What are we all to do? L.

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