Rooting For Adam Lambert?

Send Everyday EcardsThings are spicing up at the American Idol Season 8. We’re already into the Top 10 finalists this season, and it can only get better with each week. I missed the show again this week. But I didn’t miss the action. Irina was there to get me the updates. It was more so this week because her favorite contestant, Adam Lambert, did a great job, or so she told me. Adrian, her rival in this case, actually agreed that it was an incredible performance! Which in short means, take a bow Adam Lambert!

If you have been unfortunate enough to miss the show like me, Adam Lambert sang “Tracks of my Tears”. Irina was vocal about the fact that the way he sang it proved him to be a versatile singer and can pull of such songs with ease. Smokey Robinson joined the audience in a standing ovation to applaud Adam’s excellent effort. It was definitely the best performance of the night, as Simon Cowell rightly said. Did you watch it? What do you think of Adam Lambert’s chances at American Idol Season 8?


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